Food and Sanitary Materials distribution for families affected by COVID-19

As elsewhere in the world, the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) continues to pose the biggest challenge in Ethiopia. The prevalence is spreading across the country while Addis Ababa is leading in terms of the reported cases. Besides, the increased healthcare costs, the country has started to experience economic damage mainly due to the impacts of the restrictions on people going to work, on travel, and on social interaction and overall global economic disruption.

HMHDO recognizes that most of its target families engaged in small and informal business, or activities that can easily been affected due to the current crises, the impact of which will lead to immediate loss of income to the families. This loss of income or indirect negative effect on income has intimacy affect the health and wellbeing of target children.

Accordingly, using the fund mobilized through Äthiopienhilfe e.V (Germany), hands for HOME and form Addis Ababa Labor and Social Affairs Bureau HMHDO has procured and distributed10k.g Teff, 5kg Rice, 5 Pcs Pasta, 2 tin Vaseline,1 bottle Hair oil, 2 Body soap, 3 Laundry soap, and 2 pcs girls sanitary pad for 110(44 Female& 66 Male) target beneficiaries selected from all component due to their economic vulnerability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the distribution different target woreda’s representatives as well as journalists from Fana broadcasting corporate attended the distribution. The event has been on Fana TV and got appreciation by the public. The support helped the target families to resolve their food insecurity problem occurred at household level. It also enabled HMHDO to show its humanitarian effort the public. 

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