Income Generation Activity

Income generating activity is viable strategy to enhance the resilience capacity of destitute target groups. With this in view HMHDO designed the component so as to reduce the economic vulnerability of marginalized women’s and young mothers through engaging them in viable and friendly business venture. FHIDO has been working to address deficiency of food and nutrition of families and children in all its project areas. In close collaboration with health extension workers, FHIDO has been undertaking assessments to identify OVCs especially under-five and most vulnerable for malnourishment which need special attention and follow-ups. Based on the assessment, FHIDO provides supplementary food elements like Fafa flour, edible oil as well as milk powder, vitamins and de-worm tablet for those under five children which are found to be moderate and severely malnutrition to improve their developmental health conditions. FHIDO’s food and nutrition support also extends to those children following their ART at health facility level to enable them cope up the impact of HIV/AIDS and become physically strong. So far, about 2000 children who are found underweight have been provided different food and micro nutrient supports. Moreover, FHIDO has good experience in conveying messages in community sessions on the preparation of nutritious foods from locally available vegetables and cereals for pregnant and lactating mothers so that they can sufficiently breast feed their child and also keep their health.